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Welcome to Wytrueharvatt Farm

Animal Assisted Therapy

I have been a social worker for 16 years and have gone through a lot in the past few years. Our family has decided to try to do what’s best for our boys and what’s best is good mental health. We’ve always had pets but slowly began expanding in the last five years. We have bunnies chickens roosters ducks and a kitty named Tickles as well as two dogs Lucy & Peppermint Patty. We love our animals and hey get spoiled in return. Our two boys love the animals, my oldest can sit an watch the animals for endless amounts of time. We are not unfamiliar with children and adults with exceptionalities and we welcome anyone who may benefit from a session with one of our beloved therapy pets. 


Animal Assisted Therapy

What is it?

✅Can relieve stress & induces relaxation

✅Helps alleviate feelings of loneliness & anxiety

✅Can be a bridge for more intense types of therapy

✅Helps people on autism spectrum with interaction during traditional therapies

✅Triggers hormones that are rewarding & soothing

✅Soothes symptoms of chronic pain

✅Provides distraction people suffering from trauma/illness

✅Can help cope during the grieving process

✅Aids with social skills & conversation 

This therapy can be used alone or with other kinds of therapies at the same time. 

We will work out a treatment plan and pair up with a furry or feathery friend & see how we can best serve you. We can do 30 min, 45 min or 60 min sessions. Your welcome to visit us at home or we can go mobile and come to you. 

Fees and costs

 $55 per 60 min session per animal  $40 for a 45 min session or $25 for 30 min session. Additional mileage .45 per km for Mobile treatment plans. 

Here’s Stitch 

He’s a drake one of our male Indian Runner duck. He ❤️ cuddles loves to eat leafy greens 


He’s a year old and we actually hatched him out ourselves he’s a good boy. 

These sisters came to us a year ago in need of a home they’re fast but are good girls when being pampered or cuddled.

Twin sisters 

Molly & Dolly love hopping in and out of the own personal barn small and outdoor safety enclosure so they have lots of space to hop around.

We took Tickles in when he was a very tiny kitten we found him on our property and decided to keep him, he’s now 6 years old and a big boy a huge softy he loves snuggling and has learn some simple tricks like high five 🐾


My oldest son Wyatt with Tickles 

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