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About Us

We are a family home based little farm. I hade 3 little boys, the name is in memory of my youngest boy who we lost almost 3 years ago. The farm name actually includes all three boys names. 

I’ve been a social worker for 16 years with a varying degree of people in abilities, and recently I’ve been going through various forms of therapy due to our loss. We had a small handful, of chickens in the beginning 6 years ago and slowly grew…more and then bunnies…then ducks…I’ve always loved animals, and they’ve helped me relax and try to heal in the last couple years. My two oldest boys are on the autism spectrum and they enjoy the animals immensely. They watch them, play with them, feed and pet them. This has helped both the boys and the animals grow in learning new skills and trusting one another. 

I decided to get additional certification in animal assisted therapy and offer our services to other who may also benefit from this form of therapy. As it can be used alone or in conjunction with others forms such as CBT or ABA with trained professionals or agencies. I am more then willing to work with and accommodate the needs of individuals wanting to better themselves. 

If this sounds like something you would like to try or can benefit from please fill out the form and contact us.


Mandy Roach-Swerdfeger 

Owner of our little family based farm, trained  & certified social worker 16 yrs and animal assisted therapist. 

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